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Gosset Hotel Groot-bijgaarden Auberge du Pêcheur Sint-Martens-Latem (Gent) Charl's Knokke Hotel Serwir Sint-Niklaas Catering Diner Privé

Stars of Flanders


Stars of Flanders represents authentic Flemish hospitality at an international level.

For private or business purposes. For hotel stay, lunch / dinner, meeting or seminar.
As a quality label for a small yet energetic group of unique hospitality locations in Flanders, Stars of Flanders guarantees a unique accommodation and / or meeting experience for domestic as well as foreign guests.
Class, conviviality and personal service are at the heart of a welcoming setting with optimal location and accessibility. This gives every guest the opportunity to feel at home in the real Flanders with its typical charm and culinary tradition.

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Stars of FlandersStars of FlandersStars of FlandersStars of Flanders

Welcome at our stars.

Taste & Tradition

Pure enjoyment on the Leie

Auberge du Pêcheur is not for nothing a very famous name in Sint-Martens-Latem and far beyond.
At one of the most beautiful locations along the banks of the Leie, a wonderful stay goes hand in hand with top culinary tradition and a stylish setting for all your meetings, seminars and parties.

Auberge du Pêcheur Sint-Martens-Latem - Gent
Hotel Serwir - Sint-Niklaas

Feel at Home

Thanks to the central location in the heart of the Antwerp-Brussels-Ghent triangle, Hotel Serwir is the perfect place to meet!
Relax in the beautiful rooms, enjoy the culinary restaurant and discover the spacious meeting and banquet rooms and make your trip/event unforgettable.

Secret Escape

Blissful enjoyment by the sea

Regular guests know Charl's as a unique oasis of tranquillity on the Belgian coast.
The beautiful garden, the spacious outdoor terrace and the cosy rooms and brasserie form the ideal backdrop to enjoy a stylish 'secret escape' by the sea.


Charl's Knokke

For private or business purposes. For hotel stay, lunch / dinner, meeting or seminar

Stars of Flanders guarantees a unique accommodation and / or meeting experience for domestic as well as foreign guests.


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Meet in Style

Discover and experience Brussels from its most pleasant side: easily accessible, charming and a warm welcome.
Gosset Hotel is the ideal location for an efficient meeting and a pleasant stay near the capital of Brussels.


Gosset Hotel - Groot-Bijgaarden
Catering Diner Privé

Enjoy every Moment

Every dinner is tailor-made

Every event has its own possibilities and limitations. This is determined by the location, the number of people, the theme of the event and the budget.
Our goal is to be able to offer a maximum of atmosphere and quality with this data.